Friday, March 30, 2012

Creat Change !

IMHO> Life is about creating / findings 'Solutions' (not 'Answers') and IMHO > Our society and world have Major Problems that are in need of Major  'Solutions'.

I believe that it is not in the best interest of current and future genrations to continue to tolerate (Yes, 'Tolerate') those who do not recognize the sea-change that is underway with regard to possible / probable benefits of emerging technologies as Possible/ Probable 'Solutions'.

All and all I believe we have endured the reactionary attitudes and actions of those who live in the 20th century for far too long.

IMHO > This is the 21st Century and It's About Time We Create Change !

I believe that one approach for advancing 'Solutions' is to offer those one/some would consider Luddites (e.g., those  who are reluctant to embrace pervasive and/or emerging technologies to find 'Solutions')  with suitable retirement package so those who are more receptive to Possibilities (particularly the current generations) will be more able to assume leadership roles so that this generation and future genrations can create / discover 'Solutions' without barriers.

File under > Radical Organizational Change

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